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Does the tax pro advance work with multiple software providers?

If you have an office that uses more than one software provider you’ll see the option to toggle between the two when you select the profile icon and select "Switch view". In order to opt-in to the ERO advance program(s) you will need to select one of your records.


In the example below John Smith owns two offices using EFINs 000003 and 000001. EFIN 000001 is setup with two software providers called Best software #1 and Best software #2.



When opting in to Pre Season Funds and/or Simply Paid, Santa Barbara TPG uses the combined total of the Refund Transfers filed through both software providers to determine the advance amount available.


Using the same example above, TPG considers the Refund Transfer volume John Smith processed last tax season through both software providers.

Best Software #1

  • 100 Refund Transfers processed
  • Qualifies for a $3,000 advance

Best software #2

  • 300 Refund Transfers processed
  • Qualifies for a $7,000 advance

Total amount available

TPG will determine John Smith's eligibility based on the combined total of 400 Refund Transfers processed which qualifies John for a total ERO advance amount of $10,000. When John Smith uses the switch view to select either record, John will see a total of $10,000 available.


Selecting your payment preference

If you use a different bank account for each software provider, and you have a preference for which bank account receives the Pre Season Funds deposit or Simply Paid fee advance payment(s), select the record with the preferred bank account before opting-in to Pre Season Funds and/or Simply Paid. 


Bank account information is found on the Account page. Use the switch view to switch between records and then select the Account page to see bank account information for that record.




Although advance payments are issued to one record, TPG will apply funded tax preparation fees received by both records to repay the ERO advance(s).

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