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When will I receive supplies and marketing materials?

Supplies and marketing materials* are automatically shipped to qualified tax professionals. Additional materials may be ordered or re-ordered from our website


Initial order

TPG calculates your initial order based on your prior year product volume. If you are in a program with check printing, TPG will ship more checks than you printed last year.


Order fulfillment 

Shipping for the upcoming tax season starts in mid-November, with TPG fulfilling orders for those that enrolled before mid-November. Once those orders are fulfilled, TPG will fulfill orders for tax professionals as enrollment records are processed.


Orders are auto-created by TPG after an enrollment record is received and orders are fulfilled approximately 7 days after a tax professional enrolls, giving tax professionals time to opt-in to Fast Cash Advance and receive additional free marketing materials. Here is the approximate shipping schedule which is subject to change.**


  • Mid-Nov. - Dec. 14 - orders are shipped approximately 7 days after enrollment record received
  • Dec. 15- Dec. 31 -  orders are shipped approximately 3 days after enrollment record received
  • Jan. 1 - orders are processed immediately after enrollment record received 


Orders for additional checks and/or cards may be placed after your initial order has been shipped - checks and cards are available starting January 2nd. 


* Marketing materials available to tax professionals enrolled in our standard Refund Transfer program. Materials available while supplies last. Additional cost for premium marketing materials.

** Time required to fulfill orders may vary based on order volume.

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