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How does the multi-year website work?

Our website for tax professionals is now a multi-year website. Tax professional partners no longer need to log-in to a prior year website for prior year reporting. Login to one website and get access to historic information starting with the 2022 tax season.


How to login to the tax pro website

Use your existing username and password to login to our website. If you forgot your username or password, select "Trouble logging in?" to recover your username or password.


If you are logging into our website for the first time as a new client or as a returning client that used Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (sbtpg) before 2022 click the "First time logging in" link to login for the first time. Make sure you are logging in after you have enrolled with sbtpg and are approved for the upcoming tax season. 




Viewing information for different tax years

Once you have successfully logged in, you will always be directed to the most recent tax year. You can identify the tax year you are viewing from the left side of the dashboard. Enrollment  opens in September, so if you log-in to our website in September you may see a future tax year displayed on the dashboard.


Since we offer products and services including Pre-Season Funds, direct mail postcards, etc. that are available before tax season begins we use "Tax Year (TY)" instead of "Calendar Year (CY)". 




To switch to another year select a tax year from the top right side of the screen. 




Once you have selected another tax year, the information on the dashboard will refresh, and you will see the year you have selected displayed on the dashboard.



Year-specific information

As you navigate across the website you will see information that is specific to the tax year you are viewing. For example, reports, dashboard, documents and check printing (if you print checks from our website) will display information for the tax year you are viewing. To view reports for the 2022 calendar year, you must select "TY 2022" first, navigate to Reports, and then run a report for that year.


Information that is not year-specific

Other features like employee user access, support cases, supplies, and notifications may not be year-specific. For example, as you add an employee user to your sbtpg account that employee will have historic access to your account and not just one specific tax year.


Feature releases

Since we have transitioned to a multi-year website, here is when you can expect to see popular features released for the upcoming tax season. 


September-October - compliance training and program opt-ins are released.

November - we begin shipping supplies and marketing materials in mid-November. Marketing materials may also be ordered in mid-November. Checks cannot be re-ordered until January.

December - the document center is updated with forms and documents for the upcoming tax season.

January - reports are available in September, but data will not be populated in reports until you begin filing returns (as early as January).



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