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Why can't I access the supplies site?

If you login to the TPG website, navigate to the Supplies page and see this message in red there are several possible reasons why a supply order account has not been created.



  • Recent enrollment - if you enrolled recently your supply order account may not be created yet. We create your supply order account before shipping your initial shipment. During tax season this process may take up to 48 hours after your enrollment application is approved.
  • Invalid email address - if we do not have a valid email address we are unable to create your supply order account. A valid email address is needed so we can provide shipping updates, tracking numbers, etc.
  • Invalid shipping address - if we do not have a valid shipping address or a PO Box has been provided instead of a physical shipping address, we are unable to create a supply order account.

If you need to update your email address or shipping address, please update this information through your software provider and retransmit the updated information to TPG. Once TPG receives valid information your supply order account will be created within 48 hours. 

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