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Does TPG contact taxpayers before debiting their account?


Taxpayers that provide a valid email address will receive a series of emails shown below including links to a website hosted by TPG where clients can pay by credit card or debit card. Once a client pays their tax preparation fee they will not receive additional email notifications.


Billing notice sent

The initial billing notice will be emailed to your client, explaining that a refund was not received, and offering your client convenient payment alternatives. Your client can click a link to pay by debit or credit card. If your client does not pay, the same billing notice will be sent again.



Reminder sent prior to debit

If your client has not paid by credit card or debit card, we will send a final debit reminder before a debit to your client's bank account is made.



Reminder sent prior to 2nd debit attempt

If our attempt to debit your client's bank account failed, we will send an email reminder before a second debit attempt to your client's bank account is made.




Final email sent

If we are unable to debit your client's bank account on the second attempt we will send a final email to your client. At this point you would need to contact your client directly to collect payment.




AutoCollect is an optional service provided by Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, LLC.  Fees apply to the ERO only with respect to successful collections. TPG is facilitating collections that are being made directly through EROs.

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