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How to track clients in the Auto Collect program

Log in to the TPG website and to access the Auto Collect Management page which displays all of the taxpayers that have been added to the Auto Collect program.


Select the Auto Collect program from the dashboard, or select Programs from the left side navigation and select Auto Collect to navigate to the Auto Collect Management page. This page will be available once the Auto Collect program begins.


The management page includes a status column where you can see the current status of clients in the Auto Collect program, the date of the next activity, what fees have been collected or are still owed. 




Click or tap a taxpayer's SSN or name to view more details about a specific taxpayer. 



AutoCollect is an optional service provided by Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, LLC.  Fees apply to the ERO only with respect to successful collections. TPG is facilitating collections that are being made directly through EROs.

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