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How long does a taxpayer have to pay voluntarily or call to be removed from the Auto Collect program?


The Auto Collect Management page will be available upon the start of the Auto Collect program in the spring of 2022.


Once the Auto Collect Management page is released, a taxpayer may be removed from the Auto Collect program at any time, up until 3 days before the auto collection (one day after the third email notification to the taxpayer). 


Taxpayers may use their debit or credit card to pay voluntarily up until 3 days days before we auto collect the past due fees from their bank account. 


How to remove individual clients from the Auto Collect program

Select the Auto Collect program from the dashboard, or select Programs from the left side navigation and select Auto Collect to navigate to the Auto Collect Management page. 




From the Auto Collect Management page, tap or click the name or SSN of the taxpayer that you wish to remove from the Auto Collect program. An overview for the client will load on the screen. Select the "Stop collection" button to remove your client from the Auto Collect program. You will be asked to confirm this removal to save your changes.





AutoCollect is an optional service provided by Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, LLC.  Fees apply to the ERO only with respect to successful collections. TPG is facilitating collections that are being made directly through EROs.

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