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How do clients create a PIN?


After you have filed your client's return and the IRS has accepted the return, your clients will receive a welcome email instructing them to visit to complete their registration and create their ATM PIN. 

They must provide the information requested and provide a 4-digit PIN of their choice or click "Choose PIN for me" and a PIN will be randomly generated for them and entered into this field. They must make sure to remember the PIN as it will not be emailed to them.

Click "Next" to continue.



Your client will receive a confirmation message on the screen that the PIN has been set.


Create your online account

Click the "Home" button to create an online account. An online account will give them the ability to check the balance on the card and use card features available with their new Walmart MoneyCard. 


From the Welcome Back page click the "Create Online Account" button to create their online account.




A few items to note

  • A PIN will never be emailed to your clients - so make sure they remember the PIN they selected
  • The Walmart MoneyCard will be automatically activated upon card approval
  • Once their card is activated and funds have been loaded onto the card it can be used without a PIN for purchases at merchant locations by selecting credit rather than debit
  • Creating a PIN allows them to use it at an ATM to withdraw money or make purchases as a debit card at merchant locations
  • If it has been more than 24 hours since they were approved for a FastCashADVANCE loan and they are unable to create a PIN from the Walmart MoneyCard website, your client should call the phone number on the back of their card for assistance
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