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Steps for closing office for the off-season

Refund Transfers can be offered through mid-October, but if you are preparing to close your office for the off-season or you are not planning to offer tax-related products for the remainder of this year, please follow these steps for closing down your office.


Step 1: If you print TPG-issued cashier's checks, run the Checks to Print report to make sure all of your checks have been printed. NOTE: if you print checks from the TPG website, logon to our website, click the "Print Checks" link in the menu and click the "Print Outstanding Checks" button to view and print any outstanding checks. Checks may be printed through October 31.


Step 2: Upon confirming that all checks have been printed and you no longer need to print checks, ask your software partner to update your check printing preference, or update your check printing preference directly in your software.


We will stop sending check print records to your office after being notified. After that checks will be mailed directly to your customer via first class mail. 


Note: Pending checks that funded before November 1 and were not printed by your office will be mailed directly to your customer(s) via first class mail on November 30 and sent to the taxpayer address on file. If you require faster processing, please submit a “Check Print Reversal” form to


Other important updates

Unused check stock

Unused check stock cannot be used next year and must be destroyed.


RT applications

Keep the signed RT applications in your clients' files for 5 years (please DO NOT send signed RT applications to TPG unless requested to do so).


Email updates

TPG will continue to provide critical updates and announcements via email. You can update your email preferences by clicking the "update preferences" link at the bottom of any email update from TPG. If you aren't receiving updates from TPG log in to our website and visit the My Profile page to verify the email address on file with TPG. 


Other off-season tips


Client Communication

Notify your clients about your office's off-season closing and reopening dates well in advance. Share your availability for any off-season tax issues, and let clients know how to reach you during the off-season.


Staff communication

Discuss the off-season schedule with your employees. Make sure they are aware of their off-season responsibilities, vacation schedules, and the reopening date.


Organize and secure documents

Ensure all client files and sensitive information are securely stored. Digital documents should be backed up and hard copies should be kept in a secure location.


Settle accounts

Pay all outstanding invoices and collect any fees still due from clients.


Software and hardware maintenance

Update and perform maintenance on your office equipment and software. This downtime can also be used to explore and implement new technologies that can improve your efficiency when you reopen.


Review and plan

Analyze the past tax season to identify what went well and what could be improved. Use this analysis to plan for the next season.


Tax laws and training

Use the off-season to catch up on any new tax laws and regulations. If necessary, provide staff with training on these new changes.


Insurance and lease

Review your insurance coverage and lease agreements. If necessary, make adjustments for the off-season.



Ensure your office is secure during the closure. This may involve updating security systems, securing doors and windows, or hiring a security service.


Utilities and services

Adjust your utilities and services as needed for the off-season. This could include reducing cleaning services, forwarding mail, or adjusting the thermostat to save energy.



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