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Fee Advances & FastCashADVANCE reports


If you opted into FastCashADVANCE and/or the SimplyPAID program and need to track fees, products, and client information, here's how you can use the TPG reports to access the information you need. All reports are available in PDF or Excel formats.


Get a Product Summary

Get a real time overview of your current product volume by running the Product Count report. The dashboard is updated daily, but the Product Count report displays real time data.

  • The number of FastCashADVANCE products will be listed under the FastCashADVANCE column. You can see the number of approved advances and the number of advances that have been funded by the IRS and repaid 
  • The Disbursements columns lists the types of disbursements selected by taxpayers for their Federal refund amount. FastCashADVANCE may be disbursed by check or Walmart MoneyCard.


Find every product processed through your office

To see a detailed list of every taxpayer that requested a fee payment product through TPG, run the SSN Listings report. This report lists the product that the taxpayer requested. The product type may include the Refund Transfer, State Refund Transfer and FastCashADVANCE.

The Account Status column provides the status of your client's account. This may include:

  • Pending - waiting on IRS and/or state funding
  • Closed - taxpayer has funded and all fees are paid  
  • Receivable - In most cases a taxpayer has this Account Status because the state refund arrived before the federal refund and the state refund amount wasn't sufficient to pay all of the fees
  • Unfunded - taxpayer has not received funding within the expected time frame of 21 days



Identify every client that has received money

To see a detailed list of every taxpayer that has received money run the Account Deposits report. Please note: this report lists 3 types of funding! If a taxpayer selects FastCashADVANCE, all disbursements will be labeled as "Fast Cash Advance w/ RT". If the taxpayer did not select FastCashADVANCE the Product Type will be "RT".

  1. Approved FastCashADVANCEs - Taxpayers that are approved and receive FastCashADVANCE will be listed on this report. Approved advances do not have an Expected Deposit Date and you will see the loan amount listed under the Deposit Amount column. The Issuer is labeled as 1MC - 1st Money Center
  2. State funded refunds - State refunds are identified by an Issuer name of "State"
  3. IRS funded refunds - Federal refunds are identified by an Issuer name "IRS"

In the example below, a taxpayer received all three products.



Get a summary of FastCashADVANCE and SimplyPAID-related activity

Whether you have opted into the SimplyPAIDFastCashADVANCE or both programs, the Fee Deductions report helps you track:

  • Fee Advance amount qualified for & available to you - At the top left of the report you can track the total amount that you qualified for and the amount currently available to you
  • Pre Season FUNDS - if you received PreSeasonFUNDS, which is a pre season advance, the first row of this report will display the amount advanced to you. 
  • SimplyPAID - If you received SimplyPAID, which is an in season advance, the amount advanced to you is displayed in the Amount Advanced to ERO column. TPG advances 70% of your tax prep fees.
  • Repayment of Advance(s) - TPG collects 100% of the IRS-funded fees and uses that to repay the advance. This amount is displayed in the Amount Applied to Repay Advance column. While the Advance is available, TPG will advance more money, with the advance acting like a line of credit. Get details here
  • FastCashADVANCE Fees -FastCashADVANCE fees charged to you ($25 per approved advance) are noted as a FastCashADVANCE Charge in the Comments column 

If you opted into a fee advance program, your balance owed to TPG is noted on the bottom right side of the report. Once the amount advanced to you has been repaid with IRS and state funded fees the balance will show $0 and your fees will be paid upon IRS funding. 


Report to reconcile deposits issued to your bank account

Use the ERO Deposits report to reconcile the deposits you have received with your bank account. 

If you participated in a fee advance program, advance payments issued to you will be labeled "Fee Advance" in the Comments column. Once your advance has been repaid and fees are no longer advanced but are paid upon IRS funding the Comments column will be blank. 




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