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Problem printing checks? (Part 4)

Checks issued after Oct. 31 are printed by Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (sbtpg) and mailed via USPS regular mail to the address provided on your client's tax return.


Depending on the software provider you use, you may need to print Refund Transfer checks from our website. If you see check print records in the check printing area of your software, you'll need to contact your software provider for support, but if your software provider informed you that check printing is only available from our website you may use this information to troubleshoot any check printing problems.


If you are having problems printing checks start by checking these items first:

If incorrect characters are appearing on the check:

The problem is related to a problem with print drivers, computer memory or a specific configuration with the computer. After trying the solutions listed above you may also:

  • Close out other programs or browser tabs that are not being used to free up memory
  • View this Adobe article on common pdf printing problems

If you are still having problems try these two steps:

  • Download the free Foxit Reader. It's a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader, especially for those with older computers
  • Can you print checks from another computer in the office? 
  • Contact Geek Squad or an equivalent company for computer assistance.

If a client is unable to cash a check that you successfully printed:

  • Are you using prior year check stock? You must use current year check stock. Re-order check stock by logging onto our website and clicking the Supplies link from the menu.
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