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How PreSeasonFUNDS & SimplyPAID works


PreSeasonFUNDS and SimplyPAID are two programs that provide cash flow to qualified tax professional partners before and during tax season. Here's how it works:


PreSeasonFUNDS - Pre-Season Cash Flow


New and existing TPG clients that qualify can access the PreSeasonFUNDS to help with office startup & promotional expenses. So whether leasing office space, purchasing office supplies, securing advertising or hiring seasonal staff, the Pre-Season Advance can help you prepare your office for the upcoming tax season.


Amount available: Up to $40,0001

Cost: $30 for every $1,000 advanced after Nov. 30

$45 for every $1,0000 advanced before Nov. 30

Cash available: Starting early November


SimplyPAID -  In-Season Fee Advance 


SimplyPAID, the in-season fee advance, acts just like a line of credit at the start of tax season, with a portion of your tax preparation fees advanced to you upon IRS Accepted Acknowledgement.


Amount available: Up to $175,0002

Cost: 1.5% fee for every $100 advanced

Cash available: First day of filing3

Amount advanced: 70% of tax prep fee3


How money is advanced



The requested amount is issued upon approval in one direct deposit.



During tax season thru February 20th, TPG advances 70% of the tax preparation fees requested - up to $420 per return. Fees are advanced when IRS Accepted Acknowledgement is received, up to the tax professional's advance limit. 

Fees will be advanced through February 25th.


How advances are repaid

What happens during tax season?

When IRS funding arrives, TPG uses all of the tax preparation fees withheld from the clients' refund amounts to repay the amount advanced. This reduces the amount advanced to you below your limit. TPG will advance fees again until you reach your advance limit.

What happens when I opt in to both products?

Once you get into tax season, PreSeasonFUNDS and SimplyPAID are combined into a single amount that is available to you. TPG will advance tax preparation fees up to this total limit. 

Can I turn off SimplyPAID during tax season?

If you decide you no longer need SimplyPAID, you can turn it off at any time by returning to the Program Opt-Ins page and selecting the Tax Pro Advance program. 

How are the advances repaid?

Once the program expires or is turned off by the tax professional, the tax preparation fees collected from the clients' refunds are used to repay the amount advanced until it's fully repaid. Once TPG has fully collected the amount advanced, it's business as usual, with fees paid upon IRS funding.



Tracking your advances

Logon to our website and visit the Reports page to run and view the Fee Deductions Report. 


1 Must opt-in by December 31 to qualify. Advances subject to approval. Must be enrolled in Standard Refund Transfer program to qualify. All discount programs offered through TPG are excluded from this program. Pre Season Funds available only to prior TPG clients. Advances provided by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC. Check with transmitter for availability.

2 Amount includes $40,000 pre-season advance which may be selected in-season or pre-season to qualified and existing TPG clients. Must opt-in by December 31st to qualify.

3 70% of tax preparation fee advanced upon IRS Accepted Acknowledgment - up to $420 per return. The fee is taken out of the amount advanced to you.


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