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Printing checks from our website (Part 1)

Part 1 - please follow these instructions if you have been instructed to print checks from our website

Checks issued after Oct. 31 are printed by Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (sbtpg) and mailed via USPS regular mail to the address provided on your client's tax return.


Complete the following process before you print a live check


Make sure to confirm the following:

  • You are using either of the following preferred browsers (Chrome is preferred)
  • You have disabled pop-up blockers or enabled pop-ups


Print a test check

Begin by logging onto our website. If you have more than one office, multiple software providers or have signed up in multiple pay-by-refund programs you may need to select the profile icon from the top right side of the page, and switch view to the account(s) that support check printing from our website. 



Select "Check Printing" from the left side navigation to navigate to the Check printing page. Select "Print a test check" from the main Check printing page. 




Follow the instructions on the next page and insert current-year sbtpg check stock in your printer. Click the "Print a test check" button to continue.



A pdf will open in a new tab on your browser with a sample check that you will be prompted to print on check stock. Click the print button on your browser.


If you are using Chrome, make sure you have not selected “Fit to paper” and "Print on both sides" is unchecked, then click Print to continue.




If you are using Internet Explorer or Adobe Acrobat Reader, make sure the “Actual size” button is checked then click Print to continue.



After printing the test check you will confirm whether the check was printed successfully. You may reprint the check if it didn't print correctly.




Once you have successfully printed a test check click "Yes" and you will be returned to the main check printing page where you my begin printing live check(s).



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