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Printing checks from TPG website (Part 1)


Please follow these instructions if you have been instructed to print checks from the TPG website


Complete the following process before you print a live check


Make sure to confirm the following:

  • You are using either of the following preferred browsers (Chrome is preferred)


Print a test check

After logging onto our website, select the "Print Checks" link from the menu. 



Click the "GENERATE TEST CHECK" link to begin the process to print a test check.




You will be asked to confirm that your printer is lined up correctly and your popup blocker is disabled. Insert current-year TPG check stock in your printer and click "CREATE A TEST CHECK" to continue.




A pdf will open in a new window with a sample check that you will be prompted to print.


If you are using Chrome, make sure “Fit to page” is unchecked then click Print to continue.




If you are using Internet Explore or Adobe Acrobat Reader, make sure the “Actual size” button is checked then click Print to continue.



After printing the test check you will confirm whether the check was printed successfully. You may reprint the check if it didn't print correctly.



Once you have successfully printed a test check you my begin printing live check(s) by selecting the Print Checks button on the Check Print page. View the video below for a quick summary of steps you can take to get ready to print checks.




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