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Printing checks from TPG website (Part 2)


Please follow these instructions if you have been instructed to print checks from the TPG website


Depending on the software provider you use, you may print Refund Transfer checks from our website. If you can print a pdf, then you can print checks from the TPG website.

Once you have successfully printed a test check (See article for Part1) follow the steps outlined in the video or in the instructions below to print a live check.



Begin printing live check(s)


Once you have successfully printed the test check click "Print Checks" to print live taxpayer checks. Look for "Print Checks" in the top navigation bar. The number of pending checks that are ready to print are displayed in a red bubble next to the "Print Checks" menu item. Click this to proceed.


Select "Print Checks" from the Check Print dashboard to continue. 


The following screen will display pending checks that are ready to print. Note: Large numbers of unprinted checks will result in longer page load times. 



Select the number of checks you want to view at one time - up to 25 checks per page.


Large numbers of unprinted checks will be displayed across multiple pages. Use the buttons to arrow across multiple pages. 


Use the search bar to search for checks by taxpayer name, SSN, check amount, check number, or check source (Federal or State).


Select the checks you need to print

Once you have selected the checks you wish to print (up to 25 checks at a time) enter the starting check number of the check stock that is loaded in your printer and click "Print Checks".

Note: You may select checks from multiple pages, but you can only print up to 25 checks at one time.




A pdf will pop-up. Review and make sure the information printed on the check is correct THEN select the Print button. That's it!



After printing the check(s), you will see a confirmation including a link to the pdf that was just printed. If you accidentally closed the pdf before printing the check(s), click the link to re-open the pdf and print the check(s). 






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