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Reprinting checks with TPG web printing (Part 3)


Please follow these instructions if you have been instructed to print checks from the TPG website


To reprint a check in your possession that didn't print correctly or was printed on paper instead of check stock, logon to our website and select the Print Checks link in the menu. Note: the check must be in your possession.



 Reprinting check(s)



Click "REPRINT CHECKS" to continue.



The list of checks that may be reprinted will include the check number you originally entered when you first attempted to print the check. You can also search for a specific check using the search box. You can reprint up to 25 checks at one time.

Select the check(s) you need to reprint then click REPRINT CHECKS.



A pdf will pop-up (make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off). Review and make sure the information printed on the check is correct. Confirm that the check stock in your printer matches the check number(s) selected THEN select the Print button.

Note: If the check image has incorrect or missing characters please restart your computer before proceeding to print or reprint the check(s).




After reprinting the check(s), you will see a confirmation including a link to the pdf that was just printed. If you accidentally closed the pdf before printing the check(s), click the link to re-open the pdf and print the check(s). 



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