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How to order supplies

After you are enrolled, qualified tax professionals will receive an initial order of cashier's checks and marketing materials (if applicable) - free of charge. Kits are available to tax professionals participating in the following programs:

  • Standard Refund Transfer program
  • Green Dot® Prepaid Visa® Card
  • Fast Cash Advance

You will receive an email confirmation when your order is fulfilled including a tracking number that you can use to track your shipment.


How to order additional supplies and materials

Click here for instructions if it's your first time ordering supplies and you have not created a supply order password.

Once your password is created, you may order additional materials by logging in to our website, selecting the Supplies link from the left side navigation and select the "View supplies site" link.



Your account

Once your password is created, going forward when you click the "View Supplies site" button you'll be taken to your Account page. 



From My Account you can view and track the status of your supply and marketing material orders. Click the highlighted order number for more order details.




Click our logo to visit the main page where you can find and order everything you need.


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