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What if a bank won't cash my client's check?


TPG offers two nationwide check cashing agreements with Walmart and Wells Fargo. Get details here.


Good Funds Check Cashing Agreement


The Good Funds Check Cashing Agreement is for those taxpayers that may not have an established banking relationship, it may be difficult at times to cash an RT check. In order to assist taxpayers in cashing a Bank RT check, the Bank provides a Good Funds Check Cashing Agreement.  This agreement may be obtained from the TPG website or by contacting TPG's customer support. Prior to the start of the electronic filing season, you may distribute these letters to local financial institutions to familiarize them with the program and remove many concerns they might have in negotiating these checks.

In general, Bank RT checks are drawn directly on the Bank and will not be returned due insufficient funds. The cashing institution will follow their own identification procedures that may, at a minimum include:

1. Properly identify, the person cashing the check as the actual payee named on the check.

2. Determine, within reason, that the check does not have obvious signs of tampering. Safety features, which expose most forms of tampering, are incorporated into the check and are readily apparent to a cashing institution.  

3. Abide by other limiting factors disclosed on the face of the check (i.e. check amount should not be greater than the maximum limit printed on the face of the checks, check should not be stale dated, and check should have a facsimile, rather than handwritten, signature, signature affixed).

For added confirmation, a cashing institution may verify funds by visiting 

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