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How fast is the Tax Debt Resolution process?

As soon as you submit your client’s information using the referral website, your client will be contacted within minutes during normal business hours.

The initial Tax Investigation takes an average of 1-7 days. An estimated resolution time is available once the Tax Investigation is complete and the program(s) required for resolution are identified.

The resolution process can vary and is dependent upon the program(s) the client qualifies for. Some agreements require as little as 7-10 days and others can take up to 18 months, such as the Offer In Compromise.


Service Guarantee

Our Tax Debt Resolution partner, Community Tax, offers a money back “Service Guarantee”, which states, once the Investigation is complete if they cannot offer the taxpayer client any tax debt reduction services, Community Tax will refund their Investigation fee. Note – this is not to be confused with a satisfaction guarantee.


Tax debt resolution services provided by Community Tax, LLC which is not an affiliate of Santa Barbara Tax Products Group or Green Dot Corporation. Taxpayer pays a separate fee for this service.

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