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Who can I refer to the Tax Debt Resolution service?

You may refer anyone that needs debt resolution or IRS representation services. The referral does not need to be a current client or past client. 


Can we refer clients that don’t use other products from TPG?

Yes, you can refer any client. Your client is not required to use another tax-related product from Santa Barbara Tax Products Group.


Can we refer corporate clients?

Yes, Community Tax helps both individuals and businesses.


If a client is currently working with a lawyer on tax debt can you still offer assistance?

Yes, and in many cases clients are looking for someone else, because they are not happy with their current representation. Community Tax wants to find the best outcome for the client.


Do you service clients that owe money but would like the penalty removed and/or payment negotiated?

Yes, the investigation will determine what your client is eligible for.


Can we refer clients who currently have open audits with the IRS?

Community Tax does not currently offer Audit Defense Services. So in these cases, it is better to wait until the taxpayer knows the outcome of the audit before submitted a referral.


Do you assist tax professionals who are being audited and may have a penalty?

Yes, Community Tax does assist tax professionals that have penalties.


What is the minimum amount in tax balances you work with?

Generally taxpayers that owe at least $7,000+ in tax debt find the greatest value in these services, but taxpayers with any balance due may be referred to Community Tax. The $7,000+ can be a combination of years or a single year.


If the taxpayer owes the state taxing authority, $7,000 or more must be owed to the state (CA or NY) to qualify. 


Tax debt resolution services provided by Community Tax, LLC which is not an affiliate of Santa Barbara Tax Products Group or Green Dot Corporation. Taxpayer pays a separate fee for this service.


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