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Custom Report Tool


TPG offers a custom report tool that can be used to create custom reports. 


How to run a custom report

After logging onto the TPG Business Reports page, click the "Custom Report Tool" button. If the button is not visible you do not have access to the tool yet. It will be available soon!


Begin by selecting the IRS Acknowledgment date range. Click on the date fields to edit the date range.

Select any fields that you wish to include in the custom report. Click here to understand more about the available fields. Click section headers to expand and collapse sections. We recommend only selecting the fields you need to keep the report size manageable.



Note that the number of fields is displayed to the left of the "View Report" button.

Click "View Report" to view the custom report you created. The information will be displayed below the buttons. Add or remove fields and click "View Report" again to rerun the report.

View your results


Scroll down to view your report data. Click a column header to sort or group the report by a specific column.

Want to see the report grouped by date? Click "Group By this column" or drag the column header to group the report by date or by any column that you choose.





Managing Reports

Like what you see? Click "Save Report" to name and save your report or delete the report but clicking the "Delete Report" button.



Access saved reports from the top of the custom reports page.



Want to edit a saved report? Make your changes and click "Update Report" to save an updated version of the report. Delete the old version of the report if it is no longer needed.



Export custom reports as an Excel file by clicking the "Export to Excel" button at the bottom of the page.


Custom report fields

 A large amount of information is available using the report tool and there will be fields that do not apply to you.



View dates that taxpayer records were accepted, funded, etc.


Information about your office ID string including PTIN. Select PTIN if you would like to view returns prepared by a specific preparer that has provided a PTIN.


A variety of taxpayer contact information and personal information is available.

Federal Return

Information about the taxpayer's return, including filing status, refund amount due & received are available.

State Return

State refund amount due and the amount received are available.

Fees (certain fees may not apply)

There are a number of fees that may be withheld from a client's refund. You may see fee fields that do not apply to you. 

Point of Sale Fees (may not apply)

Some software providers offer point of sale products with fees that may be displayed here.


Information related to the FastCashADVANCE program is displayed here and only applies if you opted into the FastCashADVANCE program.


Get information about your clients' requested method to receive their refund amount. 


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