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How do I run reports?

If you have enrolled in our Standard Refund Transfer program, we offer a variety of reports to help you track your business and service your clients. Run reports by logging into our website and selecting Reports from the left side navigation.


The Reports page will open and will display a list of reports. Reports are grouped into categories to help you find what you need or you may use the search box to find a specific report. Open a report by tapping or clicking the box with the name of the report that you need. 




Customize your reports page

There are several ways to personalize your reports. Favorite a report to add reports you use most to the top of the page. Select the 3-dot icon and click "Add to favorites" to add any report to your favorites.




Select the 3 dot icon again and click "Delete" to remove a report from your favorites. Note: this will not delete your report from the Reports page.




You may also modify a report and save your modified report. Once you have modified your report select the "Save as" button.



You will be prompted to name your report and you can also add it to your favorites. Your customized report will be added to a "Saved" report section.




Report features

Once a report is selected you will see a common page layout used for all reports. Here's an overview of some of the report features. 




1 - Search feature

Save time by searching for information on the page.

2 - Date range

Select a specific range of time to report on including pre-defined ranges or a custom date range.



3 - Export report

Export the report to Excel using the Export button and "Export as CSV".



4 - Sorting and filtering

Sort the report by a column header by clicking the column that you wish to sort the report by in ascending order. Click the report again to sort the report in descending order. 




Select the filter icon to apply one or more filters. Clicking the filter will reveal the filter options that are available. Click Clear to remove the column filters.



5 - Freeze column and clearing changes

Freeze and unfreeze the first column for an easy way to view report details by information in the first column.


Selecting the Clear button will restore the report to all default settings and will undo all modifications applied to this report.


6 - Modify columns

Easily hide and reveal columns so the report only contains the columns you need using the Modify Columns feature. Check or uncheck the box of columns you want to hide or reveal and select the X to close the window and apply your changes. 




7 - Pagination

Adjust the number of results you want to display per page. Use the < > arrows to navigate back and forth between pages. Use the double arrows << >> to navigate to page 1 or the last page of the report.



8 - Interactive reporting

Our reports now include interactive elements. So when a client's SSN is displayed in blue, tap or click the SSN to get an expanded overview. 



A taxpayer overview will slide out to give you a detailed summary in a single click. Click to expand sections and find more details.




Have multiple locations?

If you have multiple locations or records, running reports immediately after logging in will report on all offices or records associated with your business.


Upon logging into our website you will be directed to the multi-office dashboard. Select "Reports" from the left side menu to report on all offices and/or records associated with your business. 




To view information for a single office use the "View website as" to filter your view of the website and run reports for a single office. Click here to learn more.



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