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How to add employees to my TPG account


Want to give employees access to your TPG account? With the "Manage Users" feature you can give employees access to as much or as little information as they need. This feature allows your employees to logon to the TPG website and view information for your office and you control the employee's access level.

How to add an employee


Logon to the TPG website and select "Manage Users" under the My Profile menu item. 



On the next screen click the "ADD USER" button to add an employee to your account.

  • ACTIVE USER - If you gave someone access to your TPG account and they accepted the invitation, they will be listed as an "Active User"
  • PENDING USER - If you gave someone access to your TPG account and they have not accepted the invitation yet, they will be listed as a "Pending User"


On the following screen, provide the information for the individual that you want to be able to access your TPG account (PTIN is not a required field). You will be asked to select a role. The role determines the access level that your employee or business associate will have. Scroll down to see what information is available to each role. Only one business owner is able to have the role of "Owner".



How to edit or delete an employee


Edit information for a user in your account or remove their access from your TPG account by clicking the "Edit" button or "Delete" button from the main "Manage Users" page. 



After clicking the "Edit" button, edit your users information or change their role if you want to give a user more or less access to your TPG account.



What if my employee didn't receive the email?

Invited users have 48 hours to accept the invitation to join your TPG account. If a pending user either deleted or never received the email invitation to join your TPG account you can also resend the invitation by clicking the "Resend" button. 


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