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Walmart Direct2Cash Claim Code


How clients pick up money at Walmart with Direct2Cash

Taxpayers may visit the Walmart MoneyCenter or Customer Service desk in any Walmart store during normal operating hours and provide the following items:


  • IF TAXPAYER FILED A JOINT TAX RETURN, BOTH CLIENTS MUST BE PRESENT AT THE STORE, and provide their SSN and ID(s) to be able to pick up the money. The primary filer is the person who is listed on the tax return documents first and will have to enter their information into the system first to pick up the money.
  • CLAIM CODE DETAILS- the claim code is emailed to your client, or your client may download and print their claim code by logging onto our website. The claim code email also includes the amount that will be issued to your client
  • VALID PHOTO ID(s) - the client must provide the same photo ID(s) that they presented to you when you filed the client's tax return 


What if my client doesn't have the Claim Code email?

If the Claim Code email was deleted or your client didn't receive it, your client may logon to our website and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the large "Print Claim Code" button to download the claim code.

If your client requested a Federal and State Refund Transfer, your client will receive a unique claim code for each product.

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